May 2022
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CASE STUDY 2 – 3D Printing of Wood

Case study intent: To demonstrate high customization and flexibility in producing wooden parts that meet customer requirements.


Production of furniture is very specific because it is aimed for a mass consumer market, but at the same time it aims to encompass design elements. Very often these design elements have some hand-crafted parts which is quite opposite to the essential principles of mass production. Hence, quite a large part of these products can be classified as artistic creations.

Different studies indicate that the Fusion Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology as very suitable for small series productions because it can be used to fabricate small series of different elements with minimum required changes to the system in a very short time. Another advantage is the low price of the machine, enabling small companies to obtain high quality parts for production with low investments in equipment.

A modular OMDF for wood 3D printing will be developed and integrated at AIMEN to validate the results of creativity powered by the INEDIT platform. This OMDF will cover the entire value chain from product engineering to the final product and could be easily replicated in different environments, allowing other furniture manufacturers or co-creation environments to integrate the solution in their facilities, expanding the scope of the INEDIT platform.

Tools / technologies involved
  • Production site / FabLab
  • Furniture manufacturer
  • Designer
  • Wood / filament supplier
  • 3D printing technical experts
  • Responsible entity for verification
    of design feasibility (this entity can be the
    furniture manufacturer or another
    expert on the production site)
  • Material development/modification
    by melt extrusion
  • Texture generation
  • Path planning software
  • Robot simulation software
  • Robot-based 3D printing
  • CNC 3D printing
  • Wood-based 3D printing
  • Consumer needs
  • Design specification
  • DIT ecosystem technologies
  • DIT ecosystem stakeholders
  • 3D wood printing service
  • 3D printed piece
    of wood
  • Consumer satisfaction