March 2023
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Kuelschbach et al. – Do-it-Together Concept for Production Ecosystems

Kuelschbach et al. – Do-it-Together Concept for Production Ecosystems

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On April 1, 2022
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Kuelschbach et al. - Do-it-Together Concept for Production Ecosystems


Authors: Andreas Külschbach, Tobias Leiting, Volker Stich


Abstract: The do-it-yourself mentality is particularly widespread in the furniture sector. Homemade furniture is very popular. The individualisation of furniture can be observed in internet forums, such as the online platform Pinterest. These creative ideas of potential customers show a need for individualized sustainable pieces of furniture. The current production structures, however, do not allow individual production according to the end customer's specifications. In addition, information logistics faces a major challenge: making the creative ideas of end consumers available to producers in parametric form. Topics such as customer requirements in relation to sustainable production, material specifications, industrial property rights, fair production conditions and traceability are the focus of this data interchange. An open and innovative European furniture ecosystem must be created to connect all stakeholders in the production process. This is made possible by a platform that channels the creativity of consumers and makes it designable and producible through the professional skills of designers. This requires the involvement of manufacturing specialists who can produce personalised products through sustainable intelligent production technologies. An exchange of information must also take place securely and quickly in order to protect the personal rights of the sources of ideas. This is being developed in the EU research project INEDIT - Open Innovation Ecosystem for do-it-together process. By connecting many different stakeholders along the entire value creation process, a change towards
efficient collaborative collaboration is achieved. This paper presents a project insight for the development of an international co-creation platform by presenting the problem and linking it to a potential solution.


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