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Development of a sustainable DIT business model

Development of a sustainable DIT business model

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On June 24, 2020

Working together is the key to achieve the design of sustainable furniture. To create an incentive for all stakeholders of the DIT (Do-It-Together) process to collaborate, we need a business model!

It takes the diverse contributions of heterogeneous and multidisciplinary stakeholders to create the basis for real innovation in the development of sustainable products. There are many components that are essential to develop sustainable innovative products. They are all depending on each other. That’s why the development of the business model is the key to fuse them all together into a cohesive system. Individual stakeholders such as consumers, service providers or manufacturers are connected in the DIT process like gears in a gearbox and the business model is the drive that makes this gearbox run. Since INEDIT consists of a wide variety of stakeholders and partners it is important to consider the values of everyone. By creating such a business model, INEDIT enables the DIT process and ensures that working together gains a crucial importance.

FIR at the RWTH Aachen University organises the Kick-off meeting of Work package 5. The objective of the meeting is to present the general workflow on how to develop a business model for the DIT process. One central innovation will be the development of a sustainability orchestrator, which encourages the involved Stakeholders to design as sustainable as possible.