June 2024
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Case Studies

INEDIT has selected four valuable use cases for a DIT approach, each one pushing further the capabilities of the DIT approach, addressing individual preferences and accessibility to production means.

VERA, as SME partner of INEDIT, will leverage its base of external designers to populate the co-creation digital platform where, together with the involved customers, they will open up the furniture design process.

A modular OMDF for wood 3D printing will be developed and integrated at AIMEN to validate the results of creativity powered by the INEDIT platform. This OMDF will cover the entire value chain from product engineering to the final product and could be easily replicated in different environments, allowing other furniture manufacturers or co-creation environments to integrate the solution in their facilities, expanding the scope of the INEDIT platform.

We will develop a recycling demonstrator system considering the OMDFs ecosystem in the INEDIT framework. The development of a distributed recycling approach via additive manufacturing (DRAM) and manual injection processes where recycled materials are used in the co-creation phase allows users to conceive customized objects for furniture. In addition, reparability aspects can contribute to a higher customer satisfaction and loyalty and allow for smart maintenance to prolong the lifecycle of products.

Using an OMDF platform, it becomes possible to use smartification for the furniture industry, providing solutions for manufacturing in a DIT environment by adopting strategies, designed experimentally in a Fab Lab, tested and validated for that purpose. Those smartified furniture pieces are provided with sensors to enable awareness of the environment.