October 2020
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Could the future hold us new emergency challenges?

Could the future hold us new emergency challenges?

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On October 14, 2020

In the past months, the global emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the reality in which we live, and the way people and organizations relate. Forced isolation and social distancing have underlined the importance of a strong and synergistic relational network, raising many question marks on how to approach the new future reality.

Organizations today are faced with old and new dilemmas on which to strategically build their future and collaborate in an inward and outward-looking way. Obtaining a clear analytical vision of what surrounds us, that guides us and influences us must be the starting point from which we can make future decisions.

Could the future hold us new emergency challenges?

The answer is: “… certainly yes!” and as we have seen through the construction and strengthening of networks we can find interlocutors with whom to start a constructive comparison based on the co-design generating useful solutions which benefit networks.

Here, through the comparison that arises from the co-design and the use of analytical tools, we can find the best solutions, because we all partially intuit the solutions to our dilemmas but we do not always find the right direction to apply them.

This is what CRIT proposed to do during the Networking Day 2020, which has been structured with a formula derived from the reality that we are experiencing by intertwining physical and digital, releasing useful content to stimulate the creative thinking that resides in each of us. On the occasion, CRIT presented the Theory of Constraint (ToC) as a Design Thinking methodology to help organisations identify dilemmas within their organisation and promote collaboration within their organisation and networks to boost innovation opportunities and overcome obstacles also when cooperating at a distance.