April 2021
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Innovation and collaboration during COVID: the creation of an on-demand video platform

Innovation and collaboration during COVID: the creation of an on-demand video platform

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On April 29, 2021

As CRIT we work to enhance and support innovation processes on a daily basis working with plenty of tools developed and refined along our 20 years of activity. One of the most important is collaboration, among and within companies.

Because of this, 2020 was a real challenge for CRIT, forcing us to review our whole working activity and to create a new toolbox to support our network and the whole international innovation landscape.

This push led to the development of KODE (Knowledge On-DEmand) an online on-demand video platform that allows companies to easily access and use the content developed by CRIT to explore issues related to innovation and new technologies.

Now in Beta phase, KODE is totally managed by CRIT technicians and gather contents as events recordings or videos created specifically for the platform, as 2-minutes videos on technological news.

The use of the platform is open to any member of the CRIT networks, with different access rights based on the corresponding type of membership.

KODE is:

  1. ACCESSIBLE. Contents are always available and can be viewed anywhere, anytime, from a variety of devices (laptop, tablet, mobile);
  2. UPDATED. In addition to the webinars, CRIT’s Experts will provide technological insights that will help companies stay updated on news and main technological trends;
  3. OPEN. KODE is available to all employees of companies with three main purposes: encouraging lifelong learning on technological issues, generating opportunities for discussion and providing new ideas to increase the creativity of collaborators.

KODE is for us a new way to promote collaboration, growth and innovation among companies which have to face difficult times and strong restrictions. KODE is a great opportunity to grow and support companies interested in innovation and new technologies from all over the world.