September 2021
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A new Creativity Event @ Institut Arts et Métiers of Laval

A new Creativity Event @ Institut Arts et Métiers of Laval

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On September 28, 2021

The second Creativity Event of the INEDIT project took place at Institut Arts et Métiers of Laval, France on the 23rd of September. It involved 24 students in 3D Interactive Technologies Engineering (VR / AR).

The INEDIT team presented the DIT concepts and the process, features, and business value of such an innovative platform. The presentation was interactive and very fruitful for both students and INEDIT team who even gathered new ideas from students who were quite excited by the DIT approach.

During the day, they were asked to solve a generic problem while using the technologies we develop : “what could make you daily life better in your classroom?” They started by a brainstorming session, then scanned some areas of the classroom with the INEDIT mobile app prototype, and then got immersed in the Sketch It Together VR application.

They were able to collaboratively sketch their ideas and communicate in a very natural way. At the end of the day, we made them try the early version of the Immersive Design Tool, a dedicated VR modeler to ease the link between ideas and manufacturing, while staying in the same digital environment.

Those Creativity Events are key steps in our development process. While we develop new Do It Together approaches, we want to involve possible users in early phases of the development, share our vision and offer them the possibility to test the tools around this vision.

Those pilot testing and creativity sessions allow us to anticipate opportunities and limits of the process and specific features of the future applications.

Thanks to Arts et Métiers for the organisation of the day!


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