July 2022
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INEDIT project at the ICE IAMOT Conference in Nancy

INEDIT project at the ICE IAMOT Conference in Nancy

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On July 25, 2022

From June 19th to 23rd Nancy hosted the ICE IAMOT Conference 🙌🏽

After the two online versions of the conference, organized in 2020 and 2021, the Management of Technology, Engineering and Innovation communities worked together again in presence to explore new ways for collaboration and came up with innovative solutions to the critical global issues of our time. 🌍

This joint event was the place where research, scientific and industrial innovators were invited to contribute with original ideas, papers, special sessions, workshops and open initiatives. 🔬
The main aim was to explore how the Technology, Engineering, and Innovation Management Communities can contribute to the Social-Ecological Transitions covering not only product and process but also challenges in user practices, markets, policy, regulations, culture, infrastructure, lifestyle and management of firms.

The conference themes were:
• R&D, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Corporate Venturing & Digital Entrepreneurship
• Intrapreneurship strategy and processes
• Technology Foresight and Forecasting
Service Design and Engineering
• Industry 4.0: Digital Innovation management and applications of AI
• Responsible research and innovation
• Innovation on Education and Learning
• Human, Socio-Economic and Culture Issues
• Green Tech and New business model for 
Sustainability and Resilience
• Regional competitiveness policy and smart specialization strategies

On 22nd June within the conference there was a special area dedicated to INEDIT.🪑

The demonstrator space in L’Octroi Nancy – the creative and citizen third place of the city of Nancy – was set-up with the physical resources of the University of Lorraine (ERPI laboratory and its LF2L platform) to involve and create links between EU sister projects, researchers, practitioners, industrialists, SMEs and the public in a space supporting creative communities to work on the European industry transformation through the integration of digitization and other enabling technologies.

Eventually, the presence of demonstrators at L’Octroi Nancy enabled the live experience of the Do-It-Together process, the DesignTogether Apps, Open-Source Hardware exhibition and associated business models and strengthened the transfer of the DIY approaches common in fablabs, micro-factories and makers spaces to industrial companies