November 2022
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INEDIT Interviews

INEDIT Interviews

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On November 29, 2022

INEDIT is to inspire! INEDIT is about more than the scientific and technological prototyping of the Do-It-Together approach.

The technology, the platform, the tools, the network: all of these have to function to aim for our goal, but it is not at its heart. INEDIT is about bringing people together to collaborate in a way and space that is the future of open community building.

To capture INEDIT’s spirit we interviewed the leading task representatives to tell us more about their inspiration. What makes INEDIT special? Why should you join the community?

The interviews were taken at the IEEE ICE & IAMOT conference in Nancy in June 2022. We were sitting across from each other in a quiet room. Away from the buzz that was vibrating in the expedition hall at Octroi, Nancy, where pioneers of all industries exchanged their ideas stirred by the possibilities created by the INEDIT technology, the virtual co-designing of locally produced furniture.

It was a pleasure, listening to the interviewees about their inspiration for and during INEDIT. All of them are convinced that the paradigm of Open Innovation, Open Community and Open Hardware is not only going to change the European manufacturing industry for the better. It will change the way we think about the design, creation and consumption of the things we surround us with.

Listen to these interviews in which the leading roles describe with passion how we can change the status quo in European manufacturing to create more personalised furniture, upcycle eco-friendly materials, strengthen local communities and engage with inspired minds in the process.

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