July 2024
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CASE STUDY 1 – Flexible Wood Work Centers

Case study intent: To demonstrate how INEDIT ecosystem supports the consumer and SMEs, allowing stakeholders to switch from Conceptualization to Materialization. The consumer, assisted throughout the design process, will see their furniture made thanks to the use of avant-garde technologies, developed to be flexible in the realization of customized furniture solutions.

In its use case SCM has developed an innovative woodworking machine, more flexible and easier to use so that a broad range of furniture customizations emerging from the DIT approach can be allowed.

This use case aims at designing innovative and highly customized furniture, collaborating with other users and design experts on the platform resulting in the creation of a network that involves customers and furniture suppliers producing at a local level the customized furniture, employing an innovative woodworking machine.

The innovative technology is meant for machines equipped with a bar table, where the positioning of the support elements (bars and suction cups) is manual. SCM has chosen to focus on manual machines because, being cheaper, they are most likely to be chosen by small companies that the INEDIT project would like to involve in the collaborative network of customers, designers, and manufacturers.

The solution developed by SCM aims at reducing setup time, since the position reading system is automatic, helping the operator, guiding him in the positioning through a led system and reduce to zero the risk of positioning errors. The technology is based on an optoelectronic system capable of automatically reading the position of each moving element together with a led system capable to guide the operator in an intuitive way during the setup phase. Furthermore, a communication system between the moving elements and the machine control unit is installed to verify that the setup is correct before starting the machining process, eliminating the risk of errors.


Tools / technologies involved
  • INEDIT platform
  • Facilitators / animators
  • Consumers
  • Designers
  • Furniture producers
  • FabLabs
  • Manufactures
  • INEDIT Platform GUI
  • Creativity tool for furniture drawing
  • INEDIT mobile app
  • OMDF
  • Creativity Module
  • Immersive furniture aided design tool
  • 3D configurator tool
  • CAD design tool
  • Fanvoice platform
  • Sustainability Driven Orchestrator (SDO)
  • Furniture production system
  • Innovative woodworking processing
  • Consumer needs
  • DIT ecosystem technologies
  • DIT ecosystem stakeholders