March 2021
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The Innovaz1 team wins the INEDIT Makeathon “Build your SMART teacher desk”

The Innovaz1 team wins the INEDIT Makeathon “Build your SMART teacher desk”

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On March 17, 2021
  • Makeathon


The first edition of the INEDIT Training has been successfully performed from mid February to mid March 2021.

70 students from high-school IIS P.Levi in Vignola (Italy) have been involved with the aim to increase and test the capability of future technicians to develop a new approach to creativity and to apply the Do It Together approach, using the INEDIT DIT Toolbox.

The activity, organized by INEDIT project partner CRIT in collaboration with CMS Group SpA was structured in three phases:

Introduction to creative design (2 sessions): the participants were firstly introduced to subjects useful for the challenge and deeply linked to the INEDIT mission, as creative thinking, design, teamworking and problem solving techniques. Moreover, these 2 first sessions introduced them to Industry 4.0 technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Ergonimics, Sustainability and more.

INEDIT Role Playing game (1 session) : in this second part the students were introduced to the Role playing game developed by the INEDIT project and aimed to teach them the co-creation (Do It Together – DIT) design approach. The students gave useful tips and considerations to further improve the game for future dissemination activities.

INEDIT Makeathon (1 session): the 24-hour long creative and collaborative challenge, in which the 8 teams of students were provided with a toolbox of digital technologies and were asked to face the challenge “Build your SMART Teacher desk” starting from three pillars: sustainability, ergonomics and smart design.

Following the 5 steps of co-creationEmphatisation, Project definition, Ideation, Modelling and Prototyping, the students developed their own project which were evaluated by a jury of expert from CRIT, CMS Group and IIS P.Levi.

After a long and exciting 24-hour work, the Innovaz1 selected as winning team with their project “The Comfortable Desk”.
The winning project consisted in a smart desk integrating bluetoothwifi connectivity, a tablet and a smartphone application.

Designed starting from two pillars, comfort and quality, the desk aimed to improve:

  • readibility, by means of a better illumination
  • ergonomics, by means of an adaptable design
  • visibility of the class
  • sustainability of the desk, thanks to the use of sustainable materials

A great opportunity for the INEDIT project to get directly in touch with future generation, connecting them to the innovation world and further spread the co-creation concepts in a joyful and effective way.