September 2021
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Minergie is the top choice in terms of environmental sustainability

Minergie is the top choice in terms of environmental sustainability

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On September 22, 2021
  • Certificate, Minergie, Veragouth, Xilema

Veragouth and Xilema, one of our industrial partners, considers sustainability one of their philosophy’s main pillars and respects the principles of sustainable architecture, in an effort to reduce the consumption of grey energy using advanced materials and techniques that guarantee thermal insulation and proper ventilation of the living environments.

An all-out commitment that ensures Veragouth and Xilema buildings the Minergie® certificate, the Swiss construction standard at the forefront of environmental sustainability and living comfort.

A Minergie certified building is a building that breathes, has lower energy costs and lower CO2 emissions. It has high thermal comfort, is warm in winter and cool in summer, has a systematic air exchange, is healthy and noiseless. In a Minergie building you live better and work better.

The Minergie construction standard includes three certifications, which differ in energy efficiency of the building: Minergie, Minergie–P and Minergie–A.

  • Minergie is aimed at builders and designers with above-average needs in terms of quality, comfort and energy. Compared to the requirements of the 2014 MoPEC cantonal model regulations for energy matter, the energy efficiency is 20% higher.
  • Minergie–P are low-energy consumption buildings that are distinguished by high-grade envelopes and optimal comfort. With the addition of the ECO complement, the health and ecology of the building are accounted for.
  • Minergie–A buildings produce more energy than they consume, thus combining living comfort with maximum energy independence.

Veragouth and Xilema builds with Minergie because nothing better than wood is green and adapts to the principles Minergie is based on.