July 2024
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DesignTogether Platform

The INEDIT project consortium has developed the DesignTogether Platform, the Social Manufacturing Platform to foster collaboration and open innovation among Europe.

DESIGN TOGETHER offers the opportunity to live a co-creation experience.

Customers can submit their ideas and projects of innovative, smart and sustainable custom furniture to experts.

Experts are able to follow all the step of the process, from designing to manufacturing, experiencing the potential innovation around social manufacturing within the circular economy in “designing global while producing local”.

On DesignTogether, the following services are available:

  1. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Develop a new project/product, from the conceptualization of new ideas to the design of a new product solution.
  2. PRODUCT CONFIGURATION – Set up and adapt a product, newly designed or already existing in the catalogue
  3. PROTOTYPING – Create your own prototype with the avant-garde technologies provided at Open Manufacturing Demonstration Facilities
  4. OPEN MANUFACTURING – Rely on a sustainable and efficient system for the production of your furniture.

It’s simple: follow the 4 steps:

  1. Sign up: create your account and fill in your profile
  2. Describe yout project: upload your design and choose experts to assist you
  3. Choose your suppliers: get the feedback from Design Together experts
  4. Produce your custom furniture: Manufacture locally your furniture and receive it at home


Start to use the DesignTogether technologies for your new piece of furniture:

  • Scan View App, to scan the room and to test the newly produced furniture in the real environment;
  • Immersive design tool, to create new furniture thanks to virtual reality;
  • Sustainability Driven Orchestration Tool, to calculate the environmental impact of the furniture you are producing;
  • Automated Logistic Tool, to connect with nearby experts and producers;
  • Smartification Tool, to make the furniture smart and integrated with IoT solutions;
  • Open Manufacturing Demonstrator Facilities, to produce 3D printed, eco-friendly and Smart furniture.

Video tutorials are available!