December 2022
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INEDIT Interviews

INEDIT is to inspire! INEDIT is about more than the scientific and technological prototyping of the Do-It-Together approach. The technology, the platform, the tools, the network: all of these have to function to aim for our goal, but it is not at its heart. INEDIT is about bringing people together to collaborate in a way […]

The INEDIT Project Partner Meeting @AIMEN

On October 19th and 20th, our M36 #INEDIT Project partners meeting took place in Vigo, within the AIMEN Centro Tecnológico premises! The project is in an advanced stage and all the interactive sessions planned had the aim to share with all partners the state of progress and to collect any feedback from each other. It was possible to “touch […]

INEDIT project at the ICE IAMOT Conference in Nancy

From June 19th to 23rd Nancy hosted the ICE IAMOT Conference!  🙌🏽 After the two online versions of the conference, organized in 2020 and 2021, the Management of Technology, Engineering and Innovation communities worked together again in presence to explore new ways for collaboration and came up with innovative solutions to the critical global issues of our […]

INEDIT interview made by Exame Informática to UNINOVA

After the announcement did during the last partners meeting in Lisbon, on 5th of June 2022 an interview about INEDIT was aired during the Portuguese tv show “Exame Informática”, on a 24h news channel “SIC Notícias”. The show is realized by the homonymous magazine, the biggest and most recognized in Portugal in the fields of […]

Help the planet with Ecosia and Inedit project!

Inedit project is committed in implementing environmental sustainability, using different tools in the corresponding areas. In details, the 3D printing technology used in manufacturing, permits to use the right quantities of material, avoiding waste of materials. Furthermore, the involved materials, plastics for example, are recycled and recyclable. Within our project, thanks to co-creation and co-design […]

Which are your needs about furniture? Fill in our new survey to find out!

As an international EU research project, INEDIT wants to establish a new way for designing furniture. Therefore the partners are creating a platform, that will be ready in September, where furniture-users, designers and manufacturers are able to co-design and co-create together novel, sustainable and individualized furniture. To adapt the platform even better to the user […]

INEDIT @ Open Innovation Congress 2022

The Open Innovation Congress Baden-Württemberg is the largest publicly funded event on open innovation in Germany and took place in Stuttgart on 11 April, 2022. INEDIT project’s aims, progress in project activities, and success stories have been presented at the event by project partner Steinbeis Europa Zentrum in a physical booth. Take a look at […]

Storyboard of the Scan View companion app

Last summer, Hanna Paluszkiewicz from Transition Technologies PSC has unveiled to the consortium the storyboard of the awaiten Scan View Application. The Scan View application is the perfect companion mobile app allowing the co-creators of a furniture to generate and share data ! All you need is a account, and a iOS compatible device […]

Creativity Events and Pilot Testing.. Results and discussions

Within INEDIT, we have anticipated that those technologies and the DIT process itself would need a deep understanding of the acceptance and adoption from potential users. From the very beginning of the projects, we have interviewed potential consumers, designers, producers, makers who could have a specific interest using such a process and platform. We have […]

The German INEDIT Creativity Event organized by FIR

The Creativity Event organized by FIR took place on February 21st/22nd 2022 within the institute building. The participants were RWTH Aachen University students and PhD candidates from several different engineering and business backgrounds (e.g. smart services, mechanical, industrial, civil). Overall 16 people participated (8 male, 8 female, average age: 25,7). None of the participants had been […]

SCM Group and CDP Venture Capital’s new “Forward Factory” accelerator

SCM Group, INEDIT partner, participates in CDP Venture Capital’s new “Forward Factory” accelerator together with other leading companies operating in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The new accelerator is dedicated to startups that develop products or solutions in the digital manufacturing field. With a total budget of 8.64 million euros, of which 3.57 million for […]

The Italian INEDIT Creativity Event organized by CRIT

The Italian INEDIT Creativity Event has been performed on November 16th at the secondary school “Istituto Levi” in Vignola, organised by CRIT. 18 students (18 years-old) have been involved in testing the INEDIT 3D scan app and the INEDIT Sketching Together app, in order to collect their feedback about the usability and the usefulness of […]

The INEDIT Periodic Project Partners Meeting: Together again

On November 3rd and 4th, finally INEDIT partners physically met again! The M26 project partners meeting has been perfectly organised in Lugano, within the SUPSI premises. The agenda of the meeting was very rich of interactive sessions, starting from the pitches of the Technology developers and Use cases (specific contents will be shared soon on […]

Let’s Do-It-Together in Nancy. Pilot testing the INEDIT platform at the Lorraine Fab Living Lab

On the 4th and 5th of October, ENSAM joined forces with the University of Lorrain and Hanze University of Applied sciences to test a pilot of the INEDIT platform. During two days, around 20 students tested the application, by rapidly designing furniture suited for specific conditions. The days started with an introduction of the project […]

A new Creativity Event @ Institut Arts et Métiers of Laval

The second Creativity Event of the INEDIT project took place at Institut Arts et Métiers of Laval, France on the 23rd of September. It involved 24 students in 3D Interactive Technologies Engineering (VR / AR). The INEDIT team presented the DIT concepts and the process, features, and business value of such an innovative platform. The […]

Experiment creative & Immersive “Do It Together” process inside Nomad’lab, ENSGSI’s mobile Fablab

Actors of the same territory, ENSGSI, ERPI and Octroi Nancy join forces for a creative adventure. During the European Binennal of Creativity, on Saturday 25th of September 2021, with the Nomad ‘Lab, the ENSGSI FabLab mobile turned into immersive space, the INEDIT team has given the opportunity to visit the Octroi Nancy buildings and its […]

Minergie is the top choice in terms of environmental sustainability

Veragouth and Xilema, one of our industrial partners, considers sustainability one of their philosophy’s main pillars and respects the principles of sustainable architecture, in an effort to reduce the consumption of grey energy using advanced materials and techniques that guarantee thermal insulation and proper ventilation of the living environments. An all-out commitment that ensures Veragouth […]

INEDIT Open community around a research & development dynamic at Université de Lorraine

During the first semester 2021, ERPI Laboratory and ENSGSI from the Université de Lorraine managed several INEDIT sub-projects and workshops involving a real open community with students, industrials, SMEs, citizens, researchers, multipliers, etc. In addition, the UL team organised several research & development seminars (physical at ENSGSI, LF2L platform and online) to promote the work […]

Experimenting with Gigabot for printing furniture in a DIT approach

INEDIT stands for the development of new forms of design and innovative production of the furniture in the next short future. The Université de Lorraine (UL) is seeking for making feasible the idea of printing objects from recycled plastics for the personalized furniture. But first, some technical aspects need to be tackled. One of the […]

Design of the INEDIT business model completed

The INEDIT business model has been developed over the past months in cooperation with all partners in such a way that the value proposition focuses in particular on the topics of sustainability and European cooperation. The FIR at RWTH Aachen University developed a draft of the business model for a European innovation ecosystem together with […]

Large scale additive manufacturing for furniture production

Additive manufacturing (also called 3D printing) is a transformative approach to industrial production, with a more efficient use of resources and the capabilities of producing very complex shapes. The high flexibility of this technology makes it perfect to produce unique or customized items. Within INEDIT project, AIMEN is developing a robotic cell for Large scale […]

Man and machine increasingly connected through Maestro Connect functionality

Nowadays, when technologies are reaching very high levels of performance, it is essential to continuously monitor the plant productivity, in order to identify which critical areas prevent machines from reaching their maximum production capacity. To do that, SCMGroup offers a digital services platform, linked to Maestro Connect. The platform enables features such as machine status […]

Data translation tests

In this period TTS started test sessions with the partners involved in the furniture production. The aim of these tests is to validate if the output provided by the TTS software is compliant with the DXF custom manufacturer specifications. The goal: to avoid or minimize the operator’s intervention before sending the part program to the […]

INEDIT Decision support system for the sustainable optimization of production processes: the Sustainability Driven Orchestrator

In the context of the DIT ecosystem’s environmental sustainability analysis, SUPSI is working on the development of a scalable methodology and a software tool to drive decision-making process.   Environmental Key Performance Indicators (E-KPIs) First of all, Environmental Key Performance Indicators (E-KPIs), meant to assess environmental sustainability both at factory and ecosystem level, have been […]

Take a look at a use test of our INEDIT VR design tool

During the Open Innovation Kongress participants were able to take a sneak peek into the tools developed within the INEDIT project. In this video Benjamin Poussard, from Arts et Métiers ParisTech, shows the scanning and designing capabilities offered by the tool. The steps are really simple! Easily scan your environment to digitally reproduce your home […]

INEDIT @ Open Innovation Kongress 2021 (28 June, 2021)

Open Innovation Congress took place on 28th of June 2021 in an innovative online format. The session “Open Innovation Ecosystem for collaborative co-creation” centered on examples of successful open innovation in the projects funded under Horizon 2020 call Open Innovation for collaborative production engineering and discussion of the practical application of their lessons learned beyond the research project. […]

INEDIT and sister projects to present their activities at Open Innovation Congress Baden-Württemberg 2021

Open Innovation Congress is the largest Open Innovation events in Germany, which brings together more than 1000 participants yearly. INEDIT together with the sister projects will present their examples of successful open innovation approaches within their projects at the Open Innovation Congress. Four H2020 funded projects aim at bringing Open Innovation in diverse industries: INEDIT […]

Results of the Open Innovation Collaboration workshop (22nd April)

INEDIT along with the projects OpenNext, iProduce, DIY4U funded under Horizon 2020 call Open Innovation for collaborative production engineering came together for a collaborative workshop in on-line format to showcase the projects and the different approaches following the Open Innovation concept. The event was aimed at networking, sharing about the activities and long-term vision, challenges of the projects and […]

INEDIT Platform – Introduction to Smartification: User Story

The INEDIT platform will be a next gen hub for open innovation and co-creation of furniture, with support for the enhancement of furniture pieces with technology, through the process of Smartification. The Smartification framework, in development by Uninova, will enable the transformation of regular furniture into user-aware, interconnected aiding tools, that will help improve the […]

Create Soon Your Own Custom And Sustainable Furniture Thanks To The INEDIT Platform

If you could create in total autonomy or with the help of a designer your own furniture, those that fit 100% to your interior and your decoration… Would you try the experiment? This is the promise of INEDIT, an under construction European project. INEDIT will be a – digital and physical – platform allowing you […]