September 2021
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Minergie is the top choice in terms of environmental sustainability

Veragouth and Xilema, one of our industrial partners, considers sustainability one of their philosophy’s main pillars and respects the principles of sustainable architecture, in an effort to reduce the consumption of grey energy using advanced materials and techniques that guarantee thermal insulation and proper ventilation of the living environments. An all-out commitment that ensures Veragouth […]

INEDIT Open community around a research & development dynamic at Université de Lorraine

During the first semester 2021, ERPI Laboratory and ENSGSI from the Université de Lorraine managed several INEDIT sub-projects and workshops involving a real open community with students, industrials, SMEs, citizens, researchers, multipliers, etc. In addition, the UL team organised several research & development seminars (physical at ENSGSI, LF2L platform and online) to promote the work […]

Experimenting with Gigabot for printing furniture in a DIT approach

INEDIT stands for the development of new forms of design and innovative production of the furniture in the next short future. The Université de Lorraine (UL) is seeking for making feasible the idea of printing objects from recycled plastics for the personalized furniture. But first, some technical aspects need to be tackled. One of the […]

Design of the INEDIT business model completed

The INEDIT business model has been developed over the past months in cooperation with all partners in such a way that the value proposition focuses in particular on the topics of sustainability and European cooperation. The FIR at RWTH Aachen University developed a draft of the business model for a European innovation ecosystem together with […]

Large scale additive manufacturing for furniture production

Additive manufacturing (also called 3D printing) is a transformative approach to industrial production, with a more efficient use of resources and the capabilities of producing very complex shapes. The high flexibility of this technology makes it perfect to produce unique or customized items. Within INEDIT project, AIMEN is developing a robotic cell for Large scale […]

Man and machine increasingly connected through Maestro Connect functionality

Nowadays, when technologies are reaching very high levels of performance, it is essential to continuously monitor the plant productivity, in order to identify which critical areas prevent machines from reaching their maximum production capacity. To do that, SCMGroup offers a digital services platform, linked to Maestro Connect. The platform enables features such as machine status […]

Data translation tests

In this period TTS started test sessions with the partners involved in the furniture production. The aim of these tests is to validate if the output provided by the TTS software is compliant with the DXF custom manufacturer specifications. The goal: to avoid or minimize the operator’s intervention before sending the part program to the […]

INEDIT Decision support system for the sustainable optimization of production processes: the Sustainability Driven Orchestrator

In the context of the DIT ecosystem’s environmental sustainability analysis, SUPSI is working on the development of a scalable methodology and a software tool to drive decision-making process.   Environmental Key Performance Indicators (E-KPIs) First of all, Environmental Key Performance Indicators (E-KPIs), meant to assess environmental sustainability both at factory and ecosystem level, have been […]

Take a look at a use test of our INEDIT VR design tool

During the Open Innovation Kongress participants were able to take a sneak peek into the tools developed within the INEDIT project. In this video Benjamin Poussard, from Arts et Métiers ParisTech, shows the scanning and designing capabilities offered by the tool. The steps are really simple! Easily scan your environment to digitally reproduce your home […]

INEDIT @ Open Innovation Kongress 2021 (28 June, 2021)

Open Innovation Congress took place on 28th of June 2021 in an innovative online format. The session “Open Innovation Ecosystem for collaborative co-creation” centered on examples of successful open innovation in the projects funded under Horizon 2020 call Open Innovation for collaborative production engineering and discussion of the practical application of their lessons learned beyond the research project. […]

INEDIT and sister projects to present their activities at Open Innovation Congress Baden-Württemberg 2021

Open Innovation Congress is the largest Open Innovation events in Germany, which brings together more than 1000 participants yearly. INEDIT together with the sister projects will present their examples of successful open innovation approaches within their projects at the Open Innovation Congress. Four H2020 funded projects aim at bringing Open Innovation in diverse industries: INEDIT […]

Results of the Open Innovation Collaboration workshop (22nd April)

INEDIT along with the projects OpenNext, iProduce, DIY4U funded under Horizon 2020 call Open Innovation for collaborative production engineering came together for a collaborative workshop in on-line format to showcase the projects and the different approaches following the Open Innovation concept. The event was aimed at networking, sharing about the activities and long-term vision, challenges of the projects and […]

INEDIT Platform – Introduction to Smartification: User Story

The INEDIT platform will be a next gen hub for open innovation and co-creation of furniture, with support for the enhancement of furniture pieces with technology, through the process of Smartification. The Smartification framework, in development by Uninova, will enable the transformation of regular furniture into user-aware, interconnected aiding tools, that will help improve the […]

Create Soon Your Own Custom And Sustainable Furniture Thanks To The INEDIT Platform

If you could create in total autonomy or with the help of a designer your own furniture, those that fit 100% to your interior and your decoration… Would you try the experiment? This is the promise of INEDIT, an under construction European project. INEDIT will be a – digital and physical – platform allowing you […]

INEDIT parterns together for the First Review Meeting

On April 29th, researchers and representatives from all the organisations participating in the INEDIT project attended the First Review Meeting which was organized online, due to the already in force restrictions. It was an intense session during which the progress achieved in the different work-packages was presented as a journey to the Project Officer, Mr […]

Innovation and collaboration during COVID: the creation of an on-demand video platform

As CRIT we work to enhance and support innovation processes on a daily basis working with plenty of tools developed and refined along our 20 years of activity. One of the most important is collaboration, among and within companies. Because of this, 2020 was a real challenge for CRIT, forcing us to review our whole […]

Adding layered value to radical innovation from another point of view

Since the development and inception of INEDIT, HUAS is a proud member of the consortium. Originally we were invited to join the consortium because of our expertise in co-creation within Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). Peter Meister Broekema was the coordinator for the Horizon2020 project ACCOMPLISSH, that analysed SSH co-creation in the quadruple helix and […]

The Innovaz1 team wins the INEDIT Makeathon “Build your SMART teacher desk”

  The first edition of the INEDIT Training has been successfully performed from mid February to mid March 2021. 70 students from high-school IIS P.Levi in Vignola (Italy) have been involved with the aim to increase and test the capability of future technicians to develop a new approach to creativity and to apply the Do […]

Open Innovation Collaboration webinar

The projects of the Horizon 2020 call Open Innovation for collaborative production engineering present a joint webinar about the different approaches following the Open Innovation concept. Date: Thursday, 08 April 2021 Time: 10:00 – 12:00   Together with the sister projects, iProduce, OpenNext and DIY4U, STEINBEIS-EUROPA- ZENTRUM organises a webinar to involve stakeholders from all […]

Control of complex DIT ecosystems by simple business model rules

The INEDIT business model consists of multi-dimensional transactions between the respective stakeholders and the INEDIT DIT ecosystem. To manage this complexity, clear and simple business rules have been defined between the different entities. The objective of the business model is that each stakeholder benefits from the cooperation in the DIT process.

The factory of the future has a digital (and smart) twin

Veragouth and Xilema, one of our industrial partner, produces wood fornitures that ensure well-being within the living experience, continually investing in innovation for a sustainable future. This solid vision has brought the company to embrace a Swiss project, aiming to oversee “the factory of the future”, which processes huge volumes of data. Within the joinery […]

The first Gigabot X in Europe at University of Lorraine

Plastic recycling is (and will be) a major issue for cleaning up after these challenging times of the covid-19 response. Since the beginning, the INEDIT project is aware of the importance of the collective intelligence as a mean to develop technical paths that could have a positive impact in the future industrial ecosystem. The Université […]

Collective Behavior in Social Manufacturing Frameworks

When different members of a community interact, they manage to find different solutions for any situation that are different, in general, to those that single individuals or non-interacting ones can provide. This is one key feature of collective behavior, a strongly interdisciplinar field studied in biology, physics or social sciences. Recent studies in this field, […]

INEDIT Data exchange workshops

On the 17th of November TTS launched the first set of internal workshops on data and data exchange between partners involved in the INEDIT platform. Data and the underlying data management platforms are substantial factors for the future of personalized manufacturing and will be key contributors to the development of complex and customized products and […]

Collective Intelligence&Community engagement at the creation of furniture

Fanvoice is one of the INEDIT projects partners. The French start-up offers an online platform dedicated to community building and management, through co-creation and co-innovation projects. Thus it allows brands and organisations to gather different audiences in the same digital space, at the same time to co-create and improve products, services and brands. The Fanvoice Saas software […]

“Smart” machines pave the way for collaborative manufacturing

During the 57th edition of Smau, the digital software and services integrated with the SCM machines won the “SMAU Innovation” Prize. The topic of the event, held at the Fieramilanocity on 20 and 21 October, was: “Interconnection of integrated and digital production systems and processes: the factory turns smart”. The prize is an important acknowledgement […]


From November 4th to November 6th, the whole INEDIT consortium has been involved in the Second Periodic Meeting..we all hoped we could physically meet again, but we were forced to organise an online meeting. The strong collaboration between partners was the basis for the “co-creation” of a very active meeting, full of engaging online workshops. […]

Applications for Customizable Smartification of Products

UNINOVA team members are the organisers of the Special Session “Applications for Customizable Smartification of Products” during the 17th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing. The approach of taking a regular consumer product, such as a chair, a cabinet, or a table, and sensitizing it to extract usage data or to extend its […]

INEDIT platform services as a starting point for future developments

At the end of September, the INEDIT team closed the first project work package, that lays the foundation for all the future activities of the project. The performed work started with the definition of the Do-It-Together approach, the identification of the INEDIT primary stakeholders and their needs, till the creation of the INEDIT specification map. […]

Could the future hold us new emergency challenges?

In the past months, the global emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the reality in which we live, and the way people and organizations relate. Forced isolation and social distancing have underlined the importance of a strong and synergistic relational network, raising many question marks on how to approach the new future reality. Organizations today are faced with old and […]