July 2020
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Development of a sustainable DIT business model

Working together is the key to achieve the design of sustainable furniture. To create an incentive for all stakeholders of the DIT (Do-It-Together) process to collaborate, we need a business model! It takes the diverse contributions of heterogeneous and multidisciplinary stakeholders to create the basis for real innovation in the development of sustainable products. There […]

AI powered furniture design

In the recent years, Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, whether we are reading mails, browsing through social media or driving our car. But only recently, with the development of generative models, AI is entering the creativity domain, with new applications in architecture, art and design. As part of INEDIT […]

A social app uniting the entire Scm Group

Working with Scm Group means being part of a community of 4000 people spread across the entire globe. An essential human resource for our company which we need to make the most of, in terms of relations. This is why Management instantly took on this new project, devised by a group of employees working as part […]

International Conference on Innovation and Circular Economy – Spain

The INEDIT project had a strong presence at the Spring of Innovation 2020 – International Conference on Innovation and Circular Economy organised by the Research Network on Innovation in collaboration with the University of Santiago de Compostela from 25 to 27 March 2020. The INEDIT partners have attended the different sessions of the conference and […]

INEDIT fosters Circular Economy of 3D Printing with Plastic Recycling

Wouldn’t it be wonderful that we can imagine our own furniture and contribute to the reduction of waste plastic? One of the main commitments of INEDIT is to promote a Do-It-Together (DIT) approach to opportunities in a context of sustainability and circular economy considering “Design Global/Customizable and Produce Local” The Université de Lorraine has recently […]

INEDIT First Periodic Meeting on Teams

On April 28th and 29th, all the INEDIT partners attended the virtual First Periodic Meeting on Teams. Obiouvsly the plan was another one, but with a strong effort from all of us, we had a very engaging 2-days meeting. We took the opportunity to hear and talk about all the different developments during the first […]