March 2023
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INEDIT training – 3rd edition in Italy

INEDIT training – 3rd edition in Italy

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On March 21, 2023

The Third Edition of the INEDIT Training organized by CRIT took place at the Istituto Primo Levi, a secondary school located in Vignola (Italy), on February 6th and 10th, 2023. It lasted 1 day and a half in total.

The participants were about 35 school students attending the mechanical and the IT specialization. They were about 17 or 18 years old.

During the activity, 5 groups were formed, consisting of 6 or 7 students each.

The training was organised in 2 sessions in presence:

Session 1 – INEDIT Creativity tools, soft skill and technical training: students had the opportunity to learn some soft skills and know some tools needed to co-create and work as a team. They attended a workshop focused on Innovation, Teamwork and Brainstorming tool and a workshop focused on Artificial intelligence and Internet of things.

Session 2 – INEDIT Makeathon: students (divided in 5 teams) have been asked to answer to a challenge named “BOOST YOUR GYM”, thinking to innovative solutions to make their school gym of the future:

  • Smart
  • Sustainable
  • Compliant with the stakeholders’ requirements
  • Feasible in real school environments.

Each team had around 7 hours to design their future gym and had to deliver:

  • A questionnaire for the gym stakeholders
  • A Paper sketch of the project
  • A Physical prototype and/or CAD and/or SW of the project
  • A PowerPoint presentation of the project.

CRIT provided all the material needed for the various phases, as in the following subchapters, that are related to the Co-creation process phases.

The winners focused their attention on a more comfortable gym, in terms of light, temperature and cleanliness.