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D7.7 – Report on Technology Watch and results

D7.7 – Report on Technology Watch and results

  • Posted by Eleonora Bongiovanni
  • On March 28, 2022
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D7.7 - Report on Technology Watch and results

CONFIDENTIAL DELIVERABLE, for more information contact us contact@inedit-project.eu


Authors: SEZ


Abstract:This deliverable D7.7 – Report on Technology watch and results addresses the innovativeness and intellectual property interdependencies of the technologies and provides an analysis of the
surrounding environment around the INEDIT project. The co-creation phase is enabled through the community platform, including its collaboration possibilities, the integrated virtual design, and the aided design tools. The open manufacturing phase is enabled through the technology in the four use cases for furniture manufacturing, 3D wood printing, 3D printing from recycled plastic and smartification of furniture. Each of the applied technologies will be analysed regarding their innovativeness, the market they are deployed in and potential commercialisation strategies from individual partners or the entire consortium. Expected result of this part will be a structural understanding of the IP interdependencies of each technology.
The project’s main driver apart from the development of new technology is the integration of specific
technology to the INEDIT needs. This is main goal of Task 3.4 Implementation and Integration of an
existing Co-Creation Platform. To support this task, this deliverable suggests lessons learnt from other
Open Innovation community online platforms and their strategies to tackle challenges.
The main aim of the traditional patent analysis approach is to create awareness of similar patents
which might cause an issue once commercialisation status is reached. However, INEDIT aims at
integration of specified technologies which lowers the importance of a traditional patent analysis The
technologies that are utilised in the INEDIT concept are analysed regarding their degree of novelty as
well as their advantage compared to existing solutions.
Finally, technology watch activities (search of competitors/competing products & technologies,
search of relevant projects and standards) aim to support the business development of the partners
(market strategy, market positioning, possible co-operations, etc.) in work package 5.